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  • Founded in 1999, Tianjin Runsheng Cellulose Science and Technology Co.,Ltd is located in Wuqing District, Tianjin city which is well-known as the "Beijing-Tianjin corridor", nearby Tianjin Port with the unique geographical advantage.

    Through around 20 years development, we are specialized in manufacturing Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC), Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose  (HPMC), Preservatives, Potassium Soap, etc. The product has a very high market share and can be used in many fields:  Ceramic, Coating, Construction, Cosmetic,  Detergent,  Food,  Mining, Oil Drilling, Paint, Paper, Personal Care, Textile Printing&Dyeing, Toothpaste,  ......The domestic business of the company covers more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions. Meanwhile, our products has been exporting to America, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and other countries and regions.

    As a reliable partner, Runsheng Cellulose has been adhering to the operation and development spirit of “Taking Sci-Tech as driving force, Customer-oriented, Striving for survival on the basis of quality and Developing on trust,” our company insists on innovating equipments and technology to achieve the goal of green chemical, environmental protection and high-technology. we sincerely hope to establish cooperative relationship with domestic and oversea friends by using excellent services and high-quality products.

    Hope we could establish a long term cooperation relationship together !



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