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    Ceramic Grade CMC

    In ceramic industry, CMC can enhance the bonding force and reduce the breakage rate in the blank; it can improve the slurry liquidity and increase the smothness and the quality of the glazed surface in the glaze.

    Construction Grade CMC ( Building Materials)

    An important ionic water-soluble cellulose ether,  CMC can be retarder, water retention, thickening agent and adhesive. Used in cement, concrete, mortar, plastering anhydrite, water resistant lacquer putty, adhesive plaster, sealing gypsum.

    Detergent Grade CMC

    CMC is the one of the best activated assistants for detergent. It can prevent the dirt from attaching to fabrics. The principle is that the electronegative molecules of CMC repulse the electronegative thickening,etc

    Food Grade CMC

    In food industry, CMC plays the role of taste improvement, thickening and stabilization reinforcement when used in various kinds of milk beverage, seasoning, jelly, cake and bakery, ice cream, bread & cake, instant noodle and fast paste food, etc.

    Mining Grade CMC

    In Mining Industry, CMC is used as pellet binder and floating selection inhibitor. it is also used as silicate gangue inhibitor, controlling the lead in copper and lead separating, sometimes it is used as dispersant for mineral mud, etc.

    Oil-drilling Grade CMC

    When used in drilling liquid, fixing liquid and fracturing liquid, CMC plays a role of resisting water loss and increasing adhesion so as to protecting the wall of oil well, prevent slurry erosion, take away drill crumbs, protect aiguilles and increase drilling speeds. 

    Paint Grade CMC

    In Paint Industry, CMC can be used as antisettling agent,emulsifier,dispersant,flatting agent and adhesive and make the coating non-delamination, etc.CMC is used in water-soluble paints, plastic emulsion paints and in dry & oil bound distemper.

    Paper Grade CMC

    In paper manufacturing industry, CMC is used in making pulp to improve the retention rate and increase wet strength; in surface sizing to improve the internal binding force, decrease printing dust and enhance printing quality,etc.

    Textile & Dyeing Grade CMC

    In textile & dyeing industry, CMC can be used as sizing agent and textile finishing agent SR. In printing paste,  it can be used as thickening agent, emulsifing agent and suspending agent.

    Toothpaste Grade CMC

    As the most important matrix, CMC has the properties of paste fine, smooth and uniform, foam plentiful, and high stability.It can impart toothpaste good shape-maintaining and unusual comfortable mouthfeel.

    Other Industrial Grade CMC

    CMC can be used as delayed coagulant, water retention agent, thickening agent and adhesion agent in carpet glue, cosmetics, personal care, mosquito incense, tobacco, electric welding, battery, and other industries.


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